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HCV claims the lives of up to 13,000 Americans every year. It is one of the major causes of chronic liverdisease in the United States and is now the number one reason for liver transplants. There are over 17,000 people waiting for donor livers and the majority of those have HCV. Only about 4,000 donor livers are available per year in the United States.

About 15% of people with chronic hepatitis C will go on the develop end stage liver disease or liver cancer. Of the 15% total, 10% will develop end stage liver disease and 5% will develop cancer. 1 – 2% will develop both. End stage liver disease is a medical emergency because your liver will be seriously impaired in its ability to carry out its normal functions. A functioning healthy liver carries out the bodies major biological processes as follows:

  1. It stores vitamins, iron and other minerals that the body needs.
  2. It makes new proteins needed for all normal bodily functions.
  3. It makes bile to aid in the digestion of food.
  4. It rids the body of toxins that we take in, including alcohol, drugs, smoke, exhaust fumes, etc.
  5. It stores energy in the form of complex sugars.
  6. It make clotting factors to help stop the bleeding from injuries.
  7. It helps the body to fight off bacterial and viral infections.

When a person’s liver can no longer carry out these functions you are said to be in liver failure. A person in liver failure will need an immediate liver transplant. For people in end stage liver disease, some liver function is still remaining. A liver transplant will be needed in the near future or liver failure and death will eventually occur.

People with compromised livers often times turn to Milk Thistle as an herbal remedy.

Conditions that indicate a liver transplant:

End Stage Cirrhosis:

  1. Severe exhaustion that interferes with work, exercise or the ability to carry normal everyday activities.
  2. Jaundice.
  3. Dark urine and light stools.
  4. Easy bleeding from cuts, scrapes or bruises.
  5. Constant itching.
  6. Ascities and edema (fluid build-up in the abdomin or feet and legs).
  7. Mental confusion (encephalopathy).
  8. Easy bruising (portal hypertension or too little prothrombin).
  9. High fever and chills.
  10. Hormonal problems (gynecomastia, testicular altrophy, loss of pubic or underarm hair).
  11. Depression and anxiety.
  12. Blood clotting problems.
  13. Misshapen fingertips and nails. Grayish, slate-colored skin caused by too much iron.

Liver Cancer:

About 5% of people with chronic hepatitis C will develop liver cancer. High risks for hepatitis C infected people to develop liver cancer are:

  1. Have been infected with hepatitis C for several decades.
  2. Late stage cirrhosis.
  3. Co-infection with hepatitis B or HIV.
  4. Being older than 40.
  5. Being male.
  6. Having a history of alcohol abuse.
  7. People with genotype 1.
  8. People who have high blood levels of the virus.

Liver cancer is usually diagnosed when blood tests reveal an increased level of a protein called alpha-fetoprotein. A level of more than 500 nanograms/ml may indicated that a person has liver cancer. Doctors will also use ultrasound, CT acans, Gallium scans and biopsies to make a diagnosis of liver cancer. If you are diagnosed with liver cancer, your doctor will need to determine if the liveer tumor is local to the liver or has it spread from somewhere else in the body. People with cancer that is not local to the liver are not candidates for a liver transplant. People with hepatitis C and liver cancer usually have extensive cirrhosis that will require a liver transplant.

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Depression is a very frequent and serious disease that is important to recognize and to face.

It is an illness which will most of the time, challenge a person to do even the simplest routine daily activities. Depression causes harsh symptoms that will affect everything that you do, starting with how you feel, think and handle the simplest activities. To be diagnosed with this disease, these symptoms must be present for a few weeks.

How to know that you’re depressed?

experiencia-negativaEverybody feels sad or „empty“ during their life. Different events may make you feel this way, such as death or loss of someone you love, financial problems etc. But if a person feels sad every single day for two weeks or more, for no specific reason, it means that the one is sick. Depression can also be manifested if a person is indifferent, apathetic, too anxious , irritated and tired. Of course, not every depressed person experiences the same symptoms. You may experience only one of them, or you can experience altogether. The symptoms differ depending on the stage of the illness, the period of lasting and on the individual and his or her own illness.

What age can you get sick at?

People become depressed at any age of their lives, but it usually begins in the teenage years and the early adulthood. Today it is found as occurring in both kids and adolescents. Many chronic mood disorders in adults start as a very high level of anxiety in kids. In midlife and older adults, depression can co-occur with other illnesses, such as heart diseases, diabetes or cancer and these conditions become a lot worse when the depression is present.

How to treat depression?

teenage girl in a conversation with a therapistMedicines that treat this very severe disease are antidepressants. They may actually help improve the way the brain control mood. People usually need to try few different antidepressants medicines before they find the one that affects the best on their condition. These medicines take some time, usually 2 to 4 weeks, to work and it is very important to give them a chance before reaching a conclusion about their effectiveness. Also, it is very important not to stop taking them without your doctor if you start feeling better. An another depression treating method is psychotherapy (talk therapy) ,that will help you for sure.

5 facts about depression

Lonely sad woman deep in thoughts

1. About 20 million people in the USA suffer from depression every year and this number is on slow rise.
2. 1 in 4 young adults suffers from depression before age 24. This is mainly due to school and lack of job oportunities.
3. Women are much more found depressed than men. Women think more about everyday problems while men are unaware of many negative things that happen around them.
4. Depression affects people regardless of age, location or social position. Depression is not a physical illness, it is purely mental problem.
5. Many artists experienced depression, including Ludwig van Beethoven, Mark Twain, Vincent van Gogh, Ernest Hemmingway and Sylvia Plath.

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